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Victor Cohenca, born in 1965, committed himself to a career in architecture. An associate for the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Cohenca has been designing, building, and remodeling homes for nearly two decades. The Paraguayan born Cohenca is known for his passionate approach to design and his vast repertoire. He has completed projects in many versatile styles ranging from American traditional to Spanish to modern and contemporary; however, his own personal style is deeply influenced by his early iconic hero, Frank Lloyd Wright. Seizing the opportunity to work on a mid-century Wright inspired home, Cohenca purchased Oak Pass Road in 2008 and planned an elaborate renovation of the home. Cohenca felt inspired to restore this home to its original glory while also improving its functionality. Cohenca's revitalization of this home enhanced the feelings of wonder and awe that already existed and amplified the midcentury charm permeating every crevice.

Cohenca began studying architecture at National University of Asuncion in his native Paraguay. As a Fulbright scholar, he moved to the United States in 1989 to pursue his graduate degree in architecture. Upon the completion of this degree in 1991, Cohenca moved to Southern California where he has resided with his family for almost twenty years. He formed his design and construction firm, VC Design, in 1992 and has since completed more than one hundred projects.

"a gem to be handled with care to expose it's brilliance" -La Times





This residential jewel lives not only as a tribute to the nature that surrounds it but also as a celebration of Frank Lloyd Wright's influence on American architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright's mid-century Usonian architectural design style served as the inspiration for Oak Pass Road. This home has all the features of a typical Usonian home, such as an open floor plan, lofty windows, and a strong connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The beauty of this home is in the details—the layout, the furniture, the cabinets, the fixtures, the height of the doors, the rows of windows.


The photographs illuminate the artistry present in every architectural design element. Each photograph highlights one prominent room or one essential feature. Individually, these photographs illuminate the nuanced exquisiteness of this home. As a whole, these photographs live as testament to the power of architectural inspiration.

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